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Mix and match your favorite products and trades

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How it works

Enhance your savings with our new mix & match bundles! Select your preferred trade gear and enjoy additional discounts when you purchase multiple items in a bundle.

SAVE 12%
Hat & Tee

Thinking of pairing one of our trade tees with a snapback? Now you can grab both and save.

SAVE 12%
Tee & Hoodie

Trust us, we know work isn't always easy, but now you can tackle it in style and comfort. Snag your favorite styles of tees and hoodies to represent your trade.

SAVE 12%
Hat & Hoodie

Pick up one of our signature snapbacks and hoodies, designed to withstand the toughest tasks, and enjoy savings with this bundle.

SAVE 15%
3-Pack Tee Bundle

Bundle and save with our 3-Pack Tee bundle. Mix and match trades to equip the entire job site with the right gear.

SAVE 18%
Full Outfit

Gear up and save big with our Full Outfit Bundle! Mix and match your favorite styles—choose your preferred snapback, hoodie, and tee to enjoy savings.